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Strong Together
The Peer Learning Network is a way for emerging innovative food rescue organizations to be able to share information, ideas, projects, values, and create an overall collaboration between people developing innovative models of food recovery in the country.


  • Being a part of Food Rescue Alliance has helped our small nonprofit achieve a bigger impact in less time. Before we were just a group of friends doing something we thought was important. Now, we’re part of a movement.
    Denver Food Rescue
    Turner Wyatt, Executive Director of Denver Food Rescue
  • My experience working with the FRA has been absolutely great. I reached out to the Food Rescue Alliance because I was close to burning out.   I was so inspired to hear from other food waste organizations and realize that my struggles were normal . 
    Eat United
    Katie, Comamos Juntos, Managua, Nicaragua
  • The Food Rescue Alliance has been a tremendous resource in connecting us to other organizations that have the same vision as we do. That’s what you get when you get a lot of highly-motivated and passionate individuals to engage in a conversation—things get done!
    Alejandra Perez Urkoski, MSW; Community Development Coordinator, Cultivando